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This training involves a structured series of sessions that achieve fast, consistant results in and around your home and offer obedience training to an intermediate level. These sessions take into consideration not only obedience but also history, environment, bad habits and any behavioural issues that are present, as well as your expectations as an owner. As all dogs and owners are unique we work with you to ensure the sessions are tailored to your needs and and lifestyle.

Being  in a setting your dog is familiar and comfortable with assists with the rapid progress of this type of training, and has the advantage that all family members are able to participate and learn the methods  to ensure consistancy.

Many clients who have tried group training previously, have been delighted with the immediate results that can be achieved with personal one on one training, and have found the advantages of individual sessions are :

  • Faster and more superior results
  • We are able to focus on just you and your dog for the whole session
  • Training can be tailored to your situation and needs
  • Can be arranged at a time and place to suit your busy lifestyle
  • Payment of sessions as you go, no need to pay for a full course up front
  • You are able to choose how often and many session you do

Sessions can be arranged at a time that suits you and this course of training is covered in approximately 7 sessions.

The First Session

This session runs for an hour and a half and during this time you will learn :

  • basic canine psychology,
  • how your dog thinks and operates,
  • what your dog requires from you,
  • what we should be doing and the reasons why,
  • and just as importantly what we shouldn’t be doing and the reasons why.

We then also complete three basic leash manners :

  • we stop the dog jumping up at humans,
  • teach your dog that when you are stationary with it on a lead it stays within a half metre boundary of you,
  • and the same principle when walking on the lead.


By the end of this first session you will be :

  • communicating with your dog on a level it understands,
  • it will understand that you are the leader and needs to watch, listen, defer and take direction from you,
  • and that when on a lead it needs to be prepared to move with you, stop with you and remain within your boundary.

Subsequent sessions

Ongoing sessions run for an hour each, and are structured to flow from one session to the next with practise by you in between. By the end of the 7 sessions of training, you and your dog will have achieved the following :

  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Sitting on command
  • Dropping on command
  • Stays with you out of sight for approximately 10 minutes
  • Reliable recalls

We find that by the conclusion of training most dogs will be capable of completing all of the above on voice commands alone, hand signals alone and often off lead.

The cost of the first session (1 ½ hours) is :

  • Zone A : $150
  • Zone B : $160
  • Zone C : price negotiable

The cost of the susequent hour long sessions are :

  • Zone A : $90 each
  • Zone B : $100 each
  • Zone C : price negotiable









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