At Brighton Vel we have been exclusively recommending our dients to Del at Alert Dog Training for approximately fIVe years, for both obedience and behavioural issues.

We consistently receive positive feedback in relation to their experiences and outcomes achieved. We see the changes ourselves when they return here for consultations. In some particularly challenging cases we have witnessed outstanding results where other training methods have failed.

Del has successfully trained many dogs we have referred to him with a variety of issues from aggression to anxieties, resulting in more balanced family dogs and happier owners. I am aware that much of what Del does is not just training the dog but also teaching the owner's to understand their dog's needs.

In addition, we are pleased to Continually invite Del to attend each puppy training course here at the clinic on a monthly basis in order to answer owner's questions, to provide advice and to offer follow on training

Craig MacDonald

Brighton Vet

We have been referring our clients to Del from Alert Dog Training for the last 5 years or so. In that time we have had nothing but glowing feedback from our clients, especially from those who had been told by other trainers that their dog was untrainable.

Del seems to just have a way with K9s!


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We got our dog Ziggy, a Labrador cross, from SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) when he was 12 weeks old and initially we took him to puppy-kindy. After this, knowing that Ziggy would grow into a big dog, obedience training was a priority. We decided to continue his training with a one-on-one professional dog trainer and Del Fisk of Alert Dog Training was recommended. After just the first two sessions with Del, we could tell a huge difference in Ziggy’s behaviour. He was eager to learn, and enjoyed the dog training. As dog owners we have also learnt a great deal about the leadership a dog needs, knowing his position in our “pack” and the importance of consistency with which commands are given. Del gave us clear and concise feedback on our performance which is every bit as important as Ziggy’s.We have now completed Del’s training program. Ziggy has improved with every lesson and so have we. Never the less we have asked him to continue to come along monthly to make sure that we continue to train Ziggy successfully and effectively.

We can highly recommend Del and commend his professional approach and calm consistent training method.

Antje & Nigel.

We just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in training our wonderfully adorable, but somewhat over excitable, German Shepherd Eisan.

Of course we also have to say thank you for your training of us!

We were really impressed with the way that you handled Eisan and your patience in showing us how to correctly train our dog so that he would become obedient, so that we could assert our authority with him and so that he could just generally be calmer and happier.  We have been really impressed with the results; Eisan is a pleasure to be around and to have in the house and although all three of us still have a little way to go, he is a different dog to be around now.
We wish you every continued success with all of your new and existing clients and would certainly be happy to contact you again, either for a refresher or for the training of any new K9 addition to our family.

Luke and Jessica.

I was overhead discussing the issues I was having with my much loved 3 year old cocker spaniel x poodle “Charlie” when a friend recommended I try calling Del from Alert Dog Training.

Charlie and I love to head out to the park and the beach as much as possible. However, when you combine my lack of leadership skills, with Charlie’s anxious nature – problems seem to arise. When other dogs get too close to Charlie, he would often snap & snarl at them and I was worried that one day Charlie or someone else - dog or human, would get hurt.

I had worked with other dog trainers & attended various obedience classes in the past at significant financial cost with little results, so I was a bit anxious about making the first call. However, by the end of our first session, I was already beginning to see changes in Charlie and myself that made me feel confident that we had made the right decision in calling Alert Dog Training.

A couple of months has passed since we first began, and Charlie & I are well on the way to a much happier life – Charlie is a lot more chilled out and I am continuing to use the techniques we learnt to develop the bond between the 2 of us so that we can enjoy the many simple pleasures life has to offer.

Thanks Del!

Our 24 month old Cocker spaniel Zack, always had the problem of jumping up on people and pulling on the lead, but when he was about 12 months old he started barking, growling and lunging at every person we would walk past. It soon got out of control and I became very nervous when we would go for walks.  I would always walk big circles around people. Every time I would see people approaching I would take another route.  Walking became very stressful and it wasn’t enjoyable for me or Zack.
I became desperate and started looking for help. One of the girls at Better Pets and Gardens gave me one of Del’s business cards.
Doing the dog training was one of the best things I could have ever done. After the first lesson I could see a big change in Zack. He has now finished the training and Zack has improved so much and is now walking next to me when we go for walks, and I can even let him walk of the lead. His barking and lunging at people is now under control and I can take him for walks in public places with lots of people around without a problem.
My confidence in walking Zack and his confidence has improved so much. Zack and I both enjoyed the training very much and now we can’t wait to go for our daily walks.                                                                                                       
I will highly recommend Alert dog training for every dog and owner.

Thank you Del!
Lee and Zack

"Our 18 month old Cairn Terrier Whylie thought he ruled the roost and being a terrier was very stubborn. He wouldn't come when called, jumped on visitors and all over our furniture, and took us for a walk instead of the other way around! We needed help, and more so for the fact that we couldn't stop Whylie from running off in case he was headed towards danger. After a brief stint in the lovely local kennel, a very frustrated kennel owner (yes, Whylie wouldn't listen to him either) handed us an Alert Dog Training business card and he told us that we would see results straight away. After contacting Del at Alert Dog training and having just one lesson with him we could see that the kennel owner was right on the money. We immediately saw a big change in Whylie's behaviour and this only got better as the weeks and lessons went on. He immediately stopped jumping on the furniture and gradually learnt that we were the boss, not him, and that he had to listen to us. He is now much more of a pleasure to have around the house and take out on walks, and he seems to be happier in himself knowing his place in the household. Great experience and remarkable results, I would highly recommend Alert dog training to anyone. Also a big thankyou to Del - I think it was harder for Del to train us then it was the dog!"

It was my Aunt, Viv, who recommended Alert Dog Training for our 5 year old border collie X kelpie, Sasha. After previous failed attempts I was adamant that she couldn't be trained but willing to try anything! She was not only dog aggressive, nervous of people she didn't know, scared of kids aged between 5-10 (height), extremely excitable (jumping up) but she was also un walkable. She would drag me around the streets with her halti on which was not enjoyable so she was rarely taken for a walk.
Then Del arrived....
..... then we had a new dog!!!!
We saw results after the first session and her progress improved every time. After 8 sessions she really is like a new dog. She is walking on a lead without pulling, recalling, doing extended stays and even managed to fool everyone at her first group dog training session that she was ever dog aggressive! We still have some work to do by growing our trust in each other but we are happy to work on this during our now daily walks and at group dog training every fortnight.
My husband and I are so happy with Sasha's progress and are so thankful to Del for his help! Our extended family and friends all comment on the huge changes to Sasha and we are loving showing off our new dog!
Jo & Sasha

As Alert Dog Training had come highly recommended to me from a friend my expectations were high, But they were soon surpassed with Del's professional approach to myself and my then very shy 6 month old cocker spaniel puppy Sam.

After only a couple of sessions Del he had him doing things I thought would take weeks to train a dog like Sam and all without the aid of treats!!, I would highly recommend anybody with any breed of dog to Del as his experience, way with animals and personalised service has turned a very shy cocker spaniel into a well trained and happy member of the family.
Dave & Sam

Our German Shepherd (Koda) started off at the usual puppy classes and all was going well. Well not exactly as the whole learning via food was fantastic until he was full! Then he didn’t need to try or if we were a little tight with the food then his nose was usually more interested in what was down around his feet, but we persevered. At that time we did not know of any other option and with a potentially giddy great lump on our hands we had to do something. Then things got worse he got sick too much protein in his diet and walk he would not. The vet said no more exercise for several months dog said I agree! Eventually he was ready to walk again, so new approach to training! All was not good. So what were we to do with this overgrown adolescent! Wait, everyone kept telling us he would grow out of it, the thing was we were not having much fun as he wouldn’t listen, we couldn’t do anything with him and generally he became over excited about everything and anything.
By chance we came across ALERT dog training and the wait was over. Del’s no nonsense approach was just what our teenager needed and boy was it a shock to his system but a definite relief to ours. From the first lesson when he sat us all down and went through the theory behind his training it all made perfect sense. The training without food was a really positive approach from our perspective and worked better than the previous attempts with food. The change in our dog was not only amazing but immediate and as the weeks past things just got better and better.

We can highly recommend ALERT dog training and we have to many others and all have had the same positive experience as us.
Our dog is still giddy, that won’t change that is his personality but when we tell him now he listens so all of our lives have improved. Thanks for everything Del.

Lena and Warren

Our German shepherd, Molly was only 10 weeks when I handed her to my wife who was recovering from breast cancer. All the family fell in love with her from the start. However I had to admit that I had no clue on how to train or control her and realised she would soon become a fifty-kilo monster on the end of a lead. A colleague suggested Del Fisk from Alert dog training. Del was a god send, after our first session, I learned a simple technique that stopped Molly from jumping up on anything and anyone that moved. I decided there and then to continue with the training.

The sessions included everything I needed to know regarding obedience training. As each session continued, Del would take his time and showed tremendous patience with both Molly and myself. We practiced his techniques each week and were soon onto advanced training. I got a few odd looks down at our local oval as I went through Molly’s training although I also got a few envious ones as well as she was doing great. I would tell Molly to sit and stay while I walked to the other end. She would only move on my command. I never thought I would ever get her to do that. Thanks to Del at Alert dog training I not only have a beautiful dog but an obedient dog that is a great friend to me.

Thanks Del,
Jack & Catherine

Although delighted with our new Labradoodle, we quickly realised that we had forgotten how demanding having a new puppy in the home would be. The first few months were relatively manageable but by the time Armani was ten months we were rapidly losing control of the situation. A good natured dog but with over enthusiastic tendencies! He would become over excited greeting guests, jumping up and very demanding for attention and approval. Out on walks he would become wildly excited when meeting other dogs and pulled “heartily” at his lead. All in all the balance between having a hyper and undisciplined dog were rapidly outweighing any pleasure we felt in keeping him.

Del was initially recommended to us by another family member. On arrival he was “enthusiastically” welcomed by Armani and his overwhelmed owners. Armani tried every trick in the book to get attention, he was eventually banished outside where he proceeded to give his best performance ever. (We have the scratched glass sliding doors to remind us of those days!) Del remained very calm and after an introductory chat about his methods and expectations of us, proceeded to quite simply amaze us.

Within ten minutes Armani had learnt not to jump up on people, he had almost miraculously changed his attitude to everything, in other words he was prepared to admit that he was not the alpha member of the family. His methods were simple but very effective, and within minutes we felt back in control and prepared to go forward.

Del trained our dog in basic obedience to take commands both verbally and by hand signals. The results were wonderful. Armani now knows all the basic obedience commands, he is a pleasure to take out for a walk or to the park for a free playing session. Our guests and family are no longer “afraid” to come knocking at our door and further more Armani has learnt to settle down quietly while guests are around. Del has been able to instil confidence in both dog and owner.

Armani may have lost his hyperactivity and bad habits but he has retained his sweet disposition. Del trains his dogs with a combination of positive reinforcement and discipline through effective use of voice and body language.

The training has been hugely beneficial for us all. Del has helped us tremendously and we have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who feels the need to have peace of mind in the knowledge that Del understands and communicates wonderfully with all dogs.

Gail and Andre

Hey Derek,

Thought I would write and thank you for your help with Major. As you know he was a very strong minded, disobedient, unruly staffie and from the very first session with you he learnt not to jump and to walk properly on a lead.
It is now a real pleasure to walk him and not the arm wrenching, back twisting, pain that it was before. His obedience commands that you taught us both are going from strength to strength.

I thought you would like this picture of Major at Joondalup lake last Sunday. ( What a beauty).  I think it shows that good training benefits both people and dogs.
Thanks again

It is with great pleasure that we offer this testimonial to Del of Alert Dog Training.


We, like a lot of people, have a rescue dog , he came to us at approx 17months of age a shorter & more stocky than normal Golden Retriever - looking for love and constant attention. The problem with rescue dogs is having no history so you never quite know what it is that has triggered bad behaviour, in our boy we had most aspects to deal with.


He is loved and cared for by four adults in our home but constantly begged for more attention, pawing, barking and whingeing. To take him for a walk was horrendous, he pulled even when wearing a halti and was so protective of us that we could not walk down a street where another dog was within his sight. It was not that he was aggressive although prior to meeting with Del we thought that might be the case , it was more that he was so excited that he behaved like " Tigger on speed " and lunged towards other dogs, jumping all over them which in turn made them aggressive towards him. In addition the sound he made when seeing another dog was ridiculous , he would be almost screaming. The icing on the cake came after 15months of ownership , when a German Sheppard attacked him on our regular walk, after that we thought we would never be able to walk him down a street again.

Wrong !

We rung Del and on the very first lesson of just an hour and half , we covered off so many problems and  for most part they belonged to us not our dog (bizarre). Anyway the very next morning without a Halti and secondary collar and lead we headed off confident that a single choke chain was going to make all the difference. Here's the thing it did !  we walked the streets on a lose lead for 40 minutes and not only did we see other dogs but our dog almost completely ignored them. We walked and talked and I only had to correct him a few time in 40 min's,in total we have had just 6 lessons with Del and know have a new dog.



Contact Alert Dog Training

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